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Article! Ayurveda AV | April 9, 2020

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Benefit of Having Breakfast

Benefit of Having Breakfast
Indah Aromatika

For some people, having breakfast may not necessary. Nonetheless, the benefit of having breakfast helps us to support our activities in a day. A good breakfast should contain lots of fiber so that we don’t need to be full for the lunch because our body’s already protected by the fiber at breakfast. If it already contains a lot of fiber at breakfast, it’s fine to eat fatty foods, meat, and others for lunch.

Adults may eat fiber foods sufficiently. Yet for children, they should not eat more than 5 grams of fiber per day in the morning because children still need a lot of carbohydrates, protein and fat for the body.

Breakfast has many functions for our body. First, breakfast fulfil our nutritional needs according to Recommended Dietary Allowances to increase energy and our body can do activities well. Second, increasing the work function of our intestines. Otherwise, our intestines will do nothing. Third, increasing metabolism. Once the food come in, the factory in our body, especially in the liver, metabolism will work too. And also for the brain. If the brain is not supplied nutrients from breakfast, our brains will remain in weak condition. We can’t think and concentrate well.

Besides breakfast also functions to protect the heart. Fiber will bind evil fats such as cholesterol, making your heart works normally. Our heart will absorb only the good nutrients for the body. Breakfast can also keep gastric disease away. Breakfast will prevent the emergence of gastric acid, thus reducing gastric disease. The breakfast also functions to lower the risk of diabetes, because breakfast could prevent insulin resistance. Then, our endurance will increase.

When is the best time to eat breakfast? In fact there is no standard. Some people do mouthwash after waking up then breakfast immediately.

Some do the cleaning first then eat breakfast. Each person has different habit. However, breakfast should be done after we clean our body. Some people eat their breakfast and lunch simultaneously but it is not recommended. Maximizing the morning until noon for productivity, it should be supported by adequate breakfast. Do not let the activity’s disturbed because not get use to eat breakfast. Having breakfast could reduce the stress caused by a hunger. By having breakfast, your metabolism will work normally, have stable emotions, and increase the productivity.

Kelana Kota |Healthy Life, April 20, 2015at12:00 to 13:00pm
Source: Dr. Rudy Irawan, dr., SpA (K), M. Kes (Nutrition & Metabolic Expert of Medical Faculty Airlangga University-Dr. Soetomo Hospital)

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