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Article! Ayurveda AV | July 16, 2020

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Right Detoxification For Healthy And Well-Treated Body

Right Detoxification For Healthy And Well-Treated Body
Indah Aromatika

Enthusiasm of SHE friends to learn the concept of healthy living a la Ayurveda AV is unstoppable. Before practicing yoga, SHE friends consulted casually with Julia Noeraeni about detoxification organ.

According to Julia, we need detoxification organs when they’re already too filthy because of toxins. “The intestine, for example.  It functions to absorb nutrients from food.”

If the intestinal condition is very dirty because of toxins and deposition of substances that can’t be absorbed by the body, it will be impaired. The body will be in a condition of acidosis (a condition where the body’s acidity is too high so the body becomes vulnerable to disease), “said Julia.

The increasing of the acidic pH in the body is often characterized by headaches, asthma, sinusitis, allergies, frequent coughs, colds, acne, boils, eczema, vaginal discharge, bad breath, smelly sweat, aching muscles and joints, lethargy chronic, and overweight body.

According to Julia, detoxification has several benefits for body such as resting the organs, clean the inside of the body, slowing the aging process, increase the flexibility of the body, improve fertility, and of course remove acidosis complaints that arise because of dirty organs.

Based on AYURVEDA concept of health, detoxification regularly must be done at COLON, LIVER and KIDNEYS. This is because in the three organs there are leftovers, metabolic wastes and substances that can’t be used that will accumulate and settle into toxins that can contaminate blood.

In a series of AYURVEDA AV products, it is known TRI Cleanse concept whichis a detoxification by consuming AV COLEX, AV URI K, and AV LIV ACT. If you never done TRI Cleanse so do the cleaning of the intestine by consuming AV COLEX 2 x 1 before bed for 15 days then continue with AV URI K 2 x 1 for 15 days then continue with AV LIV ACT 2 x 1 for 15 days. Later, the schedule above may be repeated like this schedule below, the DOSAGE is only 1 X 1.

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