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Article! Ayurveda AV | July 16, 2020

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What is Gastritis?

What is Gastritis?
Indah Aromatika
  • On September 29, 2013

Gastritis is a familiar name of disorder our digestion system. In medical term, it’s also known as ulkus peptikum (peptic ulcer), that attack gastric or duodenum.
Gastric and duodenum are part of our digestive organs. As it’s known, our digestive organs consist of various organs that are started from mouth and ended in anus. Gastric and duodenum are the second place for digesting foods after mouth. Disorder and inflammation in gastric and duodenum are also known as gastritis or duodenitis.

How does the disorder happen in gastric or duodenum?

Foods that go into the gastric will be digested chemically by the help of pepsin and rennin enzymes and gastric acid (HCl). In healthy people, there’s a balance between enzymes and gastric acid with the durability of gastric mucosa (mucus layer of gastric). It means that the existence of enzymes and gastric acid doesn’t damage mucus layer of gastric. They live side by side and peacefully in the gastric cavity. If imbalance happened, so there will be damage in the mucus that causes pain. If the problem happened continuously, thus there will be a wound in mucus layer of gastric.

The pain is caused by stimulation of gastric acid towards mucus layer of gastric. Therefore, the nerve endings become more sensitive to pain. The pain is usually felt in the pit of the stomach, and it’s clear that it could be showed the location of the pain with certainty. Sometimes the pain is felt in the front of the chest wall or in the back. Besides pain, stimulation of gastric acid also cause nausea. This pain will be felt when the stomach is empty and disappear after eating.

The typical symptoms of the disorder in the duodenum is pain at night. Not all gastritis sufferers feel their complaints as mentioned above. Some people don’t feel the symptoms, but suddenly they vomit blood or blackened-blood defecate. Therefore, we need to be cautious all the time. This disease can attack anyone and at any age. As gastritis often happens, this disease is one of the problems in the health field.

What causes Gastritis?

There are several things that make a person may develop gastritis / gastroenteritis, there are :


Dietary habit

People who have irregular eating habit can easily get this disease. When the stomach should be filled but not filled, or postpone meal time, gastric acids will digest the gastric mucous membrane, causing pain.


Type of Food

Certain foods will stimulate the gastric wall, causing inflammation or wound, such as eating spicy or acidic foods.



Stress / Emotions

Gastric acid production will increase when stress, such as excessive workload, anxiety, fear, or rushed. Increased gastric acid levels will cause discomfort in the stomach.


Use of Drugs

There are certain medicines that stimulate the gastric wall, causing disruption of balance in the stomach. Therefore, certain medications, must be consumed after meals. Some of them are a painkiller from the group mifenamat salicylic acid (e.g. aspirin and Ponstan). Rheumatic drugs are also included in it.

Alcohol and Cigarettes




Threatening danger!

Many of us underestimate gastritis though many serious threat behind the attacks. Many activities are disturbed because of the pain, sore, and nausea is a certain thing. Well, we don’t realize further consequence of this disease. If gastritis isn’t handled with treatment, it will be more intense inflammation, wounds will be deepened and gastric will be bleeding … !!

Bleeding in the stomach is characterized by severe pain and vomiting blood or defecate in the form of blood that has been blackened. If it isn’t handled with treatment, the stomach could leak, the wound will penetrate the gastric wall so that the gastric will be perforated. Blood will go into the abdominal cavity and cause great pain. This situation can lead to death.

If we are healthy, then all the activities will be possible to do. Indeed, health is not everything in life, but if we have everything yet not healthy, it’ll be useless cause we can’t enjoy it.

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